Lavauguyon Chateau

The XIIth century Lavauguyon Chateau belonged to the Malessac family natives of Poitou. Ransacked by the mercenaries of Richard the Lionheart, it was rebuilt in XIVth century.

The broad, deep moat which surrounds the castle could be emptied and filled at will.

Lavauguyon Chateau marks the border of Poitou and Limousin, giving it an important military role. It was devastated and ransacked in the revolution of 1793.

The inside of the château was composed of two large buildings, to the left the halls of residence, to the right, the flamboyant gothic style chapel. The keep, square and vaulted in gothic style, had a central ribbed column.

In 1188, the 7th descendant of the famous family of Pérusse, Charles de Pérusse married Ann de Malessac, heiress and viscountess of the place.

The Pérusses from Cars, lords of Lavauguyon, knew a bright destiny and made famous alliances in the course of the centuries.

At the beginning of the XVIth century, the lords of Lavauguyon became Prince of Carency. In 1745, Antoine Paul Jacques de Quelen Stuer de Caussade de Lavauguyon distinguished himself in the battle of Fontenoy. In recognition of this Louis XV bestowed the title of Duke and Peer of France.

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