The Frescoes

Uncovered by accident in 1986, the 850-year-old frescoes are considered to be some of the finest examples in France. The themes, scenes, and high quality, in addition to the richness of their colours, especially the blues and greens, make them unique to western Europe, and puts the church of Les Salles Lavauguyon amongst some of the worlds most important heritage sights.


Five panels covering approximately 80 square meters on the western interior facade, depict scenes from both the old and new testaments, which include the 'Creation' (Adam & Eve) and the 'Nativity' (Birth of Jesus), as well as illustrations of the vices, greed, violence, vanity and lust, and the brutal death of Saint-Eutrope. Other frescoes on the south and north walls continue the themes with dedications to male and female Saints ( all of whom where martyrs) and Priors. Also clearly visible are several small wall paintings in black depicting the coats of arms, (blasons) for the Lords of nearby Lavauguyon to commemorate theirs and family members deaths between the 16th & 18th centuries.


Access to the church at anytime during the day is free. And subject to the availability of a guide at the time, or upon pre-arrangements, guided visit in both French and English are available . Cost per adult is 2.50€. Children under 12 is 1.50€. Please note that when periods of restoration work are in progress, access and tours will be limited. To avoid disappointment please make inquiries with the Mairie before your visit. (see Contacts page for details).

Saint Eutrope




Saint Eutrope frescoes


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