The Priory

The Priory was built in the 12th century to cater for the needs of 'Les Chanoines', a group of 12 religious men who were of a higher order than monks, and who were associated with a 'Chapter' from the nearby town of St.Junien.


Originally the building, which is attached to the south side of the church, was just two rooms. An upstairs dormitory above a ground floor communal room where the Chanoines would gather together for their meals and discussions in relation to their daily task, needs, and problems, as well as dealing with the occasional visiting Pilgrim seeking temporary refuge. Access to and from the church to celebrate mass five times a day, was either via the stairway that connected the dormitory directly into the church, ( which no longer exists), or through the ground floor passage from the communal room which is still in use today..


The severe winters experienced in the 15th century forced the residents of the Priory to re-build the interior in order to create and preserve extra warmth. The dormitory was divided into two rooms with a large fireplace installed within the central dividing wall, which heated both rooms. Downstairs, was similarly divided but with only one small fireplace in one room, the other room being heated by a bread oven. In 1998 the Priory was subjected to major restoration work to reveal and preserve its history.


During the summer season the Priory plays host to a variety of community activities including exhibitions of local artisans work. Visit from the beginning of May until the middle of June can be made in the afternoons, ( Monday to Friday.). Then every afternoon from the middle of June to the middle of September. Entry is free.

Saint Eutrope




Saint Eutrope Priory


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