Les Salles Lavauguyon and it's two neighbouring hamlets of Lavauguyon and Raverlat, together form the 'Circuit of devotion' where you will find natural springs that rise within their midst, and which from Celtic times are said to have healing properties. Centuries old folklore still exist today, and both Water Diviners and Healers can still be found practicing their crafts with some amazing results. It's within this circuit that evidence of our ancestors from the Neolithic and Roman periods can still be found.


In addition to the church and priory, the remains of a ruined 12th century castle still stands. Originally built on a medieval fort signs of it's destruction after the revolution in 1789 can be found within the hamlets in the shape of granite stones and ornate masonry within the walls, windows and doorways of old farmhouses and barns, but now after decades of neglect, a brave effort is under way in an attempt to rescue it from total oblivion.


Evidence of Hemp production, and hat making are also visible in and around Lavauguyon, as well as the restored old washing and rinsing place next to a small stream that runs through Les Salles Lavauguyon. The people spoke Occitan, a local dialect, which today is kept alive by the village choir and storytellers at fetes and social gatherings.


Similar to thousands of other ancient villages and farming communes in rural France where properties have become unoccupied since the younger generation have moved away in search of employment, Les Salles Lavauguyon has seen an increase in new inhabitants keen to spend time and money breathing fresh life into both the buildings and community, therefore helping to preserve more of Frances heritage for ours and future generations to enjoy.

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